Evil Eye Bracelets: What Are They Used For?

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The ‘Evil Eye bracelet’ or simply, ‘the Eye bracelet’ is a talisman made up of a symbol or a series of eye symbols, and is believed to thwart the coming of ill intentions from other people. It is as old as the Evil Eye curse itself and acts as a sort of shield or protective barrier that wards off the effects of the supernatural curse it shares its name with. These amulets are made in the shape of human eyes so that they can reflect the evil gaze back onto… Read More »Evil Eye Bracelets: What Are They Used For?

History of Jewelry

Jewelry is wear for various reasons like to impress others or as a sign of connection or commitment. Mainly jewelry decorates the body and has very little realistic use. Bodyjewelry increases the personality in humanity. The word jewelry derived from the French word ‘jewel’ around the thirteenth century. Now a day’s researcher found thousands of year old jewelry. It is an ornament which made in different shapes like necklace, ring and bracelet. Jewelry was frequently made for people of high significance to show their position and in many cases they… Read More »History of Jewelry