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Discover the Matiasma influence

Matiasma, also known as the blue eye, is something that refers to the famous myth or belief of the evil eye and finds its origin in a culture that was more than twelve thousand years ago in the eastern Mediterranean.

This belief said that a person who had certain abilities since he was born throughout his life, and said that they had the power to give someone bad luck just by looking at him, more or less intentionally.

This has disturbed many philosophers and even historians such as Plato, Esiodo, Plutarch and Pliny in most of his works. The writings that these great eminences that Mother Earth has given birth have left us leave as a result the belief of some people’s ability to hurt or make others feel bad just by looking at them, so that these people have a curse in themselves. Same who are distributing to who they want in an intentional way, it could be said.

Some history writings reveal that Socrates possessed this ability and that some of his followers and students were attracted by the intensity of his gaze. Other scientific writings of Plutarch revealed that by the malefic look you could see a fountain inside the soul in such a way that it is where the rays of bad vibes scattered by these people are born and spread.

All this belief at the beginning intensified or spread throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and the Mediterranean area. After this it spread throughout the rest of the regions of the world reaching America.

Thanks to this in the region that initially had the greatest influence of symbolism, it was in Turkey that an amulet was created to protect itself from the curse. Thanks to this, the famous “Blue Eye” was created as it was the traditional local protective object, after this it spread throughout the world with the nickname “stone of the evil eye” being provided or created in different ways from the inlay from a ring to hanging like a necklace.

Ojo Azul, evil eye

There are many types, from the simplest to the most complex and decorated. They are accompanied by protective symbols such as the hand of Fatima to increase their apotropaic power. Most of these have in common some characteristics such as a central blue eye, or a simple central eye of a different color since according to the belief of many some characteristics change what this symbol can do.

The evil eye symbol is used almost everywhere, in every corner, and in every country. Normally this culture spread thanks to the intensity of belief in the ancient society. Nowadays it is common to go out and occasionally see people with this decoration on their bodies or in their shops and stores.

Many of them see it as a decoration simply without knowing its true meaning but the reality is that this symbol has been the faith of many and the safety of others.

evil eye bracelets

Thanks to this logo, different models of new objects have been created for the faithful followers of Turkish fashion or for the faithful believers of this popular culture. From shirts with very hypnotizing designs with deep meanings to carpets that decorate your home and somehow provide additional protection to what would be the bad vibes scattered by people who really do not want anything good for you.

Matiasma is the design of the Turkish eye created in Turkey but with certain modifications that make it adapt to the new modern era. Being models that seem abstract and without any meaning end up being models of great stories to tell. Possibly if you acquire one of these you are interested in investigating where each thing that makes it comes from and that is included in the design

This has inspired the people who follow this culture because it has allowed them to highlight their knowledge in other beliefs related to protection not only against the evil eye but also against any kind of positive force that protects those who wear it.

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