Updated : Aug 02, 2019 in Evil Eye Protection Tips

Evil Eye Bracelets: What Are They Used For?

Evil Eye Bracelet worn for protection

The ‘Evil Eye bracelet’ or simply, ‘the Eye bracelet’ is a talisman made up of a symbol or a series of eye symbols, and is believed to thwart the coming of ill intentions from other people. It is as old as the Evil Eye curse itself and acts as a sort of shield or protective barrier that wards off the effects of the supernatural curse it shares its name with. These amulets are made in the shape of human eyes so that they can reflect the evil gaze back onto the onlooker. It is traditionally worn on the wrist of the left hand and gives protection to the wearer who cannot see the flow of jealousy and ill-intent from the people around them.

Evil Eye bracelets are also known as charms for good luck and not only as a shield against evil. Different Evil Eye bracelets can bring different good fortune to the wearer depending on the religious rituals performed on it or the color of the Evil Eye talisman itself. Blue is the most common color for Evil Eye Bracelets for many reasons. The belief goes that if the person casting evil has blue eyes, it will probably result in the most potent curses. But for the victim, the color blue is the most reliable protection possible.

When it Breaks

It is believed that the curse of the Evil Eye can come from anyone and at any time. People even cause afflictions without evil intentions and thus affect the lives of the people around them. This is one reason why always wearing a protective Evil Eye bracelet is essential to believers. What does it mean when the Evil Eye bracelet breaks or forms a crack in the amulet? It is not a cause of alarm as is it not a sign that greater evil has overcome the protective power of the bracelet. It merely means that the bracelet has completed its duty to protect the wearer from nearby evil intentions, and it is time to purchase a one to replace it. 

However, how and when the bracelet breaks have some significance. Factors that matter includes what the bracelet came in contact with when it broke because the Evil Eye is believed to be transferable to objects that the victim uses as well. Or whether someone else was holding the bracelet when it broke, as this could indicate that the Evil Eye bracelet is giving off a sign of which person it is protecting the wearer against.

If you are terrified of evil working behind your back going unnoticed, it might be a good idea to purchase an Evil Eye bracelet. It will at least put your mind at ease, and you can go about your everyday business, you wouldn’t be the only one. These bracelets are not only a popular fashion choice among celebrities. It is a part of a larger design that began thousands of years ago in recognition that some things are beyond personal control. Also, there are spiritual or verbal impurities that can lead to harm many people either intentional or not. So when someone puts on an Evil Eye bracelet, they are also putting on a part of ancient history.