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History of Jewelry

Jewelry is worn for various reasons like to impress others or as a sign of connection or commitment. Mainly jewelry decorates the body and has very little realistic use. Body jewelry increases the personality in humanity. The word jewelry derived from the French word ‘jewel’ around the thirteenth century. Now a day’s researcher found thousands of year old evil eye jewelry. It is an ornament which made in different shapes like necklace, ring and bracelet. Jewelry was frequently made for people of high significance to show their position and in many cases they were covered with it. It was frequently believed to provide the wearer protection from the Evil Eye. Here you can purchase wholesale jewelry at much discounted prices.

The past of jewelry is a long one with many multiple uses among various cultures. It has suffered for thousands of years and has provided different insights into how antique cultures work. 40,000 years ago jewelry came from the Cro-Magnons, who came from Middle East and settle in Europe. He made necklace and bracelets of bone.

      •  Egypt

In Egypt 3000-5000 years ago, they made gold jewelry and metals jewelry. It soon began to represent religious power in the society. Even it was worn by rich Egyptians in life and also worn by them in death.

      •  Greece

The Greece begins using gold and gems in jewelry in 1400 BC, although beads shaped as shells and animals were produced commonly in past times. Jewelry in Greece was mostly used for public look or on special occasions. Jewelry was regularly given as a gift and was mostly worn by woman to prove their wealth, social status and beauty.

      •  Mesopotamia

Jewelry in Mesopotamia leans to be manufactured from slender metal leaf and was set with great numbers of brightly-colored stones, mainly agate, lapis, carnelian and jasper. Special form included leaves, spirals and cones. It was done approximately 4 thousands years ago.

      •  Rome

The Romans used a different range of materials in jewelry. Even they used gold, bronze or bone and in past times, glass beads and pearl was used. The purpose of Roman jewelry was to defend against the Evil Eye and woman wore a huge collection of jewelry, men regularly only wore a finger ring. Even though they were anticipated to wear at least one ring, mostly Roman men wore a ring on each finger.

      •  France

In 1804, when Napoleon Bonaparte was peaked as a monarch of the French, he invigorated the style and splendor of jewelry and fashion in France. At that time jewelers launched suits of matching jewelry, for example a diamond tiara, diamond earrings, diamond rings, a diamond brooch and a diamond necklace. That period also called the early stage of costume jewelry.

      •  China

5 thousands years ago in China jewelry was started and in the Indus Valley section later on. With roots set profound in religious designs, Asian jewelry was very attractive and used the majority frequently in ceremonies. The Chinese used silver jewelry in their culture more often than gold jewelry and ornamented it with their favorite blue color. They introduced new fashion by using diamonds in jewelry.

      •  India

India was the 1st country in diamonds supply with some mines dating past 296 BC. Indian sub-continent has the top continuous heritage of jewelry making everywhere. At present a lot of of the jewelry designs and traditions are still used and jewelry is ordinary in Indian ceremonies and weddings.

      •  America

Fine jewelry played a very important role in the USA, when the Spanish customary an empire to snatch South American gold. Its production developed in the US 5 thousands years ago in Central and South America. A large amount of gold was easily available and the Aztecs and Mayans produced several works in the metal. Latest jewelry designs from the USA play a major role in modern jewelry.

      •  UK

In Europe late 20th century saw the combination of European design with modern techniques. The people of UK can get new designs jewelry at cheap prices just by click.